Printable care task planner bundle for chronic illness & executive dysfunction

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This digital care task resource bundle is designed for “spoonies:” individuals with chronic illnesses and/or executive dysfunction. Print out the worksheets and use them to track your energy levels, break down tasks into smaller steps, prioritize in self-care, and more.


This listing is for a bundle of 6 resources that assist with adapting home and self-care tasks to better suit the needs of individuals with executive dysfunction, brain fog, and/or fatigue.

The included resources are:

– Spoonie Self-Care Checklist: a list of care activities for low-spoon days, plus templates for coming up with your own self-care ideas.

– Somatic Check-In: A worksheet that guides you through a grounding exercise and prompts you to reflect on how you are feeling in your body and what emotions might be present.

DISCLAIMER for the Somatic Check-In: While mindfulness exercises can be beneficial for many different kinds of people, and are often used in therapies such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), they are not a substitute for care from a medical or mental health professional. Please seek out the appropriate health professional for any concerns you might have about your mental health.

– Energy Pacing Task List: a daily task planner for different levels of energy (low, average, and high) that allows you to adjust your to-do list based on how much energy you have.

– Visual Timed To-Do List: a worksheet that prompts you to estimate the amount of time a task will take, then time yourself doing the task so that you are better informed for future planning.

– Mind Map & Task Breakdown Template: a resource that includes examples of a mind map and a task breakdown for cleaning the kitchen, plus blank templates for you to fill out yourself.

– Chore Cards & Guide for Executive Dysfunction & Chronic Illness: a resource with chore cards that have the smallest next step on them; “micro-task” ideas to get started on your home care tasks plus a guide on how to use the cards.

These resources were created by a late-diagnosed neurodivergent person (me) who experiences executive dysfunction and chronic fatigue. Executive dysfunction can cause challenges with planning, organizing, and managing time and resources. It often occurs in conditions such as autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and chronic illness. I aim to create personal planning products that are organized visually and that can assist other spoonies in taking care of their tasks and responsibilities.

📄 Digital Download — PDF Format:

– 22 pages

– US Letter size (8.5 x 11″)

– Monochrome (black and white)

📂 No Physical Product Delivery:

– This is a digital product.

– You will not receive a physical product in the mail.

– After purchasing this product, your will be able to download the file and print out the resources yourself or through a print shop.


You can print out copies of these worksheets as many times as you like. However, they are for personal use only. Reselling or sharing the file with other individuals is not permitted.


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