Buyer FAQs

Buyers’ Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to provide answers to questions that our visitors ask most often. If you do not find an answer to your question please send it to us at

MavenFair is an online marketplace featuring the amazing handmade creations of Canadian Artisans, Crafters, Designers and Makers. Purchases are made directly with the Makers. Each MavenFair Maker Shop will have its own shop policies and information. If you have any questions about the individual items, you can contact the Maker directly.

All prices and fees that you see on MavenFair are in Canadian Dollars. If you are curious about the exchange rate for your currency here is an online Currency Exchange tool.

Simply add items to your shopping cart by clicking its cart icon. Items will stay in your cart until you remove them or until you either checkout or end your MavenFair browsing session. Your browser may also end your browsing session by timing out due to inactivity.

Note: Adding an item to your shopping cart does not remove it from the Maker Shop inventory until you have paid for it (checked out). So, if you leave it in your cart for too long before checking out, there is a chance that someone else might snap it up.

MavenFair uses PayPal as our secured gateway. PayPal accepts multiple credit card payment options or you can pay using your PayPal account. MavenFair and MavenFair Makers do not collect or see your financial information. MavenFair Makers will require your contact and shipping details to complete a transaction.

No. You are welcome to browse and shop as an unregistered guest. There are some definite benefits to becoming a MavenFair Member such as being able to save your favourite shops and items; receive shipping confirmation on your purchase; view your order history; contact Makers using the MavenFair Private Messaging service; and you will be able to leave feedback about your purchases. Read about all benefits of MavenFair Membership.

Guest users who check-out will receive an order confirmation but orders will not be stored in the system, and guest users will not receive a shipping confirmation through our Private Messaging service.

It is important that you understand that anyone (members, makers or unregistered guests) who use MavenFair services including simply browsing our website, are governed by and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set out in our Terms of Use Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Community Policies.

No. You are able to check out as a guest through PayPal and use a debit/credit card. When you check out you will be taken to a secure PayPal page. Here you can choose to pay with your PayPal account or with your debit/credit card.

YES you can! MavenFair Makers are all required to live and create their handmade goods in Canada. Buyers however, can live anywhere in the world. We advise that you check the individual Maker Shop Policies to see if the Maker has set restrictions on where they are able to ship their goods to. You can always reach out and contact the individual Makers to confirm that they will ship internationally.

All prices and fees that you see on MavenFair are in Canadian Dollars. If you are curious about the exchange rate for your currency here is an online Currency Exchange tool.

YES! Add as many items as you wish from multiple shops and check out all at once.

All shipments are managed by the MavenFair Maker Shop who is selling the product. If you are a MavenFair Member you will receive a notification through our Private Messaging service when your product has been shipped along with an associated tracking number.  MavenFair Members and guest buyers who have shipment questions can reach out and contact the Maker directly.

In order to leave feedback on an item you have purchased you must be a registered MavenFair Member.

Only sellers can cancel transactions. Buyers may request that a seller cancel an order. Please note that all cancellations must comply with our Anti-Discrimination Policy and with any cancellation policy that individual sellers may have outlined in their Shop Policies.

Great! We wouldn’t be successful without our Makers, Members and users so we welcome your suggestions and ideas. If you see something that needs tweaking or are looking for a feature that we don’t offer please take a moment to let us know. Send us your ideas and suggestion to us at . Thank you!

No worries! Your questions and feedback are important to us! Please contact us with any unanswered questions you have. We will answer you.