Handmade Crocheted Honeycomb Coasters


A set of 4 hand-crocheted hexagonal coasters.


These dainty handmade coasters will add a bright springtime touch to your teatime!  They are hand-crocheted with variegated cotton thread. Available in yellow or purple (two crocus-inspired colours) to lift your spirits as the seasons changeThe set of purple coasters contains two with a white edging, while the other two are made completely in the purple thread (see photos).  

The hexagonal shape was inspired by the honeycombs engineered by clever bees.  Did you know that the hexagon is the most efficient shape for the bees to store their honey in?  Mathematicians didn’t prove this until 1998, but the bees discovered it long ago.

Each coaster measures approximately 10.8cm across at the widest point.

This is a set of 4 coasters.  If you’d like to order more, or would like them in a different colour, please send me a message!

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Purple, yellow


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